7 Tips To Improve Your Workout

  1. Keep Your Thoughts Positive Before You Start

Planning to spend some time working out today? Think POSITIVE! The thought we have about our workouts BEFORE we do them really will affect how much we enjoy them and also if we will actually do them at all! If you spend time concentrating on how hard it’s going to be and how tired you’re feeling, you’ll find it difficult to summon up the energy or may even start to talk yourself out of doing anything… so keep positive and look forward to training.

  1. Aim To Enjoy Your Training

Similar to the first point but a little more specific. Don’t ever allow yourself to think ‘I don’t like this’ about any of the exercises you’re doing. Focus on doing them well and enjoying the satisfaction of knowing that they are all designed to do something good for you – to get you the results you want! Remember, every rep counts!

  1. Push Yourself 1% Further

Gimme 200%! On second thoughts, don’t. Why? It can’t be done! But you do need to progress your workouts to get your body to progress and make changes. If the workout stays at the same level, so will you. So give just a teeny little bit more each time, and very soon those little extra pushes will add up to one very big serious difference in what you can do.

  1. Watch Your Technique!

Not only does the correct technique keep the workout safe, it’s also crucial to making sure the exercises do what you want them to do. You’ve got to find the right position to allow the muscles to respond in the way they are designed to and the better the response, the more they can work and so the better the results you will get! So work on your lines, posture and position to get the biggest bang for your buck on every exercise you do.

  1. Be Prepared.

There’s nothing worse than not being able to give it all you’ve got because you came unprepared! Bring water so that you don’t get to thirsty, wear clothing that doesn’t need to be adjusted to keep it decent in exercises (nothing worse than feeling your knickers or showing or that your cleavage is about to fall out of your top!) and get rid of any distractions that break your focus… that means mobile phones off, money in a safe place and no jewelry that’s going to swing or dangle.

  1. Work When You’re Working, Rest When You’re Not….

When it’s time to exercise, throw yourself in! A well-constructed workout will have rest breaks scheduled in to allow you time to recover, so don’t start taking time out in the middle… keep working! Then, when the rest comes, chill. Even if you feel you like to more, take a break. It’s better to increase your effort than to increase your reps or distance.

  1. Congratulate Yourself!

Is workout done? Give yourself a big pat on the back! You’ve just done something really fantastic for your body, your mind and your goals. Celebrate it! Hard work and effort deserves a reward. Smile and say ‘Well done me!’. If you’re in a group, give some praise to those around you too… having someone tell you that you did a good job can really make your day, so go ahead and make the day of the person next to you, and yourself too.