Diet Fitness Plan Tips to Determine Your Ideal Weight

Before You Research Diet Fitness Plans Understand How Weight Impacts Your Health

What is your best healthy weight? And why is this important? There are several methods to determine how much you should weigh which I will tell you about. But first, why is this important for you to know? If you want to lose weight in order to look better, you might be curious to know just what number you should aim for. It is wise to aim for your correct healthy weight and not lose too much or too little.

When you are thinking about a weight loss diet it is a good idea to know just how your weight impacts your health. People who are overweight are at a higher risk for health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer to name a few.

Being underweight also has its problems. First of all it is a signal that a person may not be getting all the essential nutrients that come from food. Being underweight can also play havoc with your endocrine system.

Your Diet and Fitness Plan Starts With Determining Your Ideal Weight – Here is How

So how do you go about finding your ideal healthy weight? First check your height. Stand against a wall with your shoes off and mark your height on the wall. Take a tape measure and measure the height. Weigh yourself to check your actual weight and subtract a few pounds if you are wearing clothes. Now use a height/weight table to find your ideal weight. You can find a height/weight table on the internet or at your library.

Another method of finding your best weight is to compute your BMI. This is your Body Mass Index, which tells you the amount of fat on your body. There is an ideal range of body fat corresponding to your height and whether you are male or female. Your BMI will give you a better idea of whether you are in danger of developing health problems due to the amount of fat.

It’s easy to calculate your BMI

1) Find your weight without clothes

2) Find your height in inches

3) Multiply your height in inches by the same number of inches.

4) Divide your weight in pounds by the answer to number 3 above (your height in inches times your height in inches)

5) Multiply the answer you got in number 4 by 703

Here is the formula:

[ weight in pounds / (height in inches) x (height in inches) ] x 703

If you are using the metric system, measure your weight in kilograms and your height in meters and use this formula:

[ weight in kilograms / (height in meters) x (height in meters) ]

Here is what your BMI indicates:

Below 18: You are underweight

Between 18 and 18.5: You are thin for your height

Between 18.6 and 24.9: You weight is healthy

Between 25 and 29.9: You are overweight for your height

Above 30: Indicates obesity

A Mens Fitness Diet Plan As Well As A Womens Should Help You Lose One To Two Pounds Per Week

The methods I have just described will help you with your diet and fitness plan. You will be able to judge just how much weight you should lose or gain for best health. If your objective is to lose weight, you should also think about the rate at which you drop pounds. A one or two pound decrease per week is thought to be ideal for maintaining proper nutrition.